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Cloth merchant's house (House 2)

Construction: 833
Duration of use: destroyed by fire after one year
Size: 16.3 m x 6.2 m (max.) / approx. 98 sqm

Construction: wall scaffold construction

The wall consists alternately of wide load-bearing split planks (scaffold posts) and narrower ones which provide the wattle wall with stability. The house was reconstructed with a traditional purlin roof.

Peculiarities: A lower-lying part of the stall is connected to the central living room openly arranged. Square timbers laterally slid-into the stall’s pillars, designed to avoid the pillars sinking into the ground, may be an indication of an intermediate ceiling. Moreover, the building is characterised by a small oak board assembly where merchandise or stores were probably stored.

Furnishings: Early Middle Ages textiles consisted primarily of wool. Raw wool was processed to woven cloth in practically all households. Much of the work was also done outdoors in the summer. If you wanted to weave indoors, the upright loom had to be placed so that the workplace was lit when the door was open.

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