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Comb-maker’s house (House 1)

Construction: 874 or a little later
Duration of use: some ten years
Size: 12 m x 5.5 m (max.) / approx. 62 sqm

Construction: wall scaffolding construction with slanting outer supports

The load-bearing scaffolding posts for the wall consist of split planks, the wall filling of clay around wattle. The slanting outer supports catch the couple roof impetus where the rafters are placed on the frames.

Peculiarities: The building is split into three with a central living room (stove and side lateral pedestals as living and sleeping areas), a living and working part (cupola) with a main entrance (trackway access) and a separate (inner wall) handcraft or storage room with an own entrance from outside.

Furnishings: Typical kitchen inventory can be found in the living and working area. The workshop is set-up for processing bones and antlers. Mostly combs, gaming pieces, needles and smaller tools are made here.

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