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Meeting house (House 5)

Construction: 10th century
Duration of use: unknown
Size: 16.1 m x 6.7 m (max.) / approx. 98 sqm

Construction: Pillar threshold latch construction

Entrenched tree trunk halves (pillars) form the weight-bearing house scaffolding. Threshold latches are located between the pillars (except in the north-west) The wall filling, which can consist of lateral or vertical – tongue-and-groove or edge to edge placed – split planks. Thus, the large building includes several “modern” construction elements as used in the Scandinavian stave churches.

Peculiarities: House 5 is the only house which was reconstructed precisely at its original location. All the other houses originally stood elsewhere within the settlement. They were selected for reconstruction due to their good condition and constructed at locations where other buildings originally stood.

Furnishings: This building is equipped with tables and benches and used as a kind of community house where a larger group of people can get together.

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