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The hostel (House 7)

Construction: 874 or a little later
Duration of use: some ten years
Size: 12 m x 5.5 m (max.) / approx. 62 sqm

Construction: wall scaffolding construction with slanting outer supports

House 7 is an alternative reconstruction of House 1 (the floor plan is mirror imaged) Normally, archaeologists are only acquainted with the remains of houses in the ground. Therefore, the reliability of reconstructions towards the roof is reduced. It is an absolute exception that the walls’ and pediment’s wattle remained conserved, enabling the safe reconstruction of the wall height (approx. 2m) and roof incline (40°). Nonetheless – in particular in the roof area – alternative reconstruction options remain, as shown by the comparison with House 1.

Peculiarities: Different wall construction statuses are shown in the east room. The roof there is additionally tied using lime tree bast or straw rope.

Furnishings: In order to participate in the trading action, several travellers came to Haithabu. They could stop off at hostels there. The dimensions of the stove top and oven in this house enable the preparation of food for a large number of people.

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