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Woodworker’s house (House 4)

Construction: 882
Duration of use: unknown
Size: 5.2 m x 3.55 m (max.) / approx. 17 sqm

Construction: Palisade construction

The wall consists of split planks of various lengths which are respectively hammered in so far that they form an uniform upper edge. The roof is placed on this. As opposed to the other constructions, the is evenly held by all pieces of the wood.

Peculiarities: A small window was cut into a wall plank and precisely matches the size and form of a window found in Haithabu. Proof also exists that small windows existed which were cut into the wall’s wattle in 9th century Haithabu (houses 1, 2 and 7) House 5 demonstrates windows as we could imagine for younger constructions:

Furnishings: Wood was a material frequently used in Haithabu. Not only plates, mugs and bowls were made from it, but also chests and troughs. You can see both the products and various raw materials and tools in this house.

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