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The Danewerk is also protected

The United Nations World Heritage Committee not only incorporated the Viking Age trading venue Haithabu, but also simultaneously the Danewerk border building in the UNESCO World Heritage List on June 30, 2018.

The Danewerk - a combination of walls, ramparts and marshland - ran right across today’s Schleswig-Holstein. It was established at the outset of the early Middle Ages some 1500 years ago in order to protect the Jutland Peninsula against Franconian, Saxon and Slavonic invaders. The Vikings extended the Danewerk further and connected it to Haithabu. Today, it is only maintained along 80 percent of its overall length between Hollingstedt in the west and Haithabu in the east.

Danevirke Museum / the Museum am Danewerk is supported by Sydslesvigsk Forening, the Main Cultural Association of the Danish Minority. This historic village is located where in former times the Danewerk and the legendary Ochesnweg (the A7 [a motorway] of the early period) crossed paths. The Danewerk Main Gate located there, only discovered recently, originates from the period around 500 AD and was so as to speak the only official border crossing between central Europe and Scandinavia. The museum houses an exhibition above the rampart system. Moreover, it includes exhibitions about the use of the Danewerk during the 1864 German-Danish war and an exhibition about the Danish minority from 1864 up to the current day.

Further information: www.danevirkemuseum.de

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